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"Enforcing the law"

Here is a private interview with the brilliant and passionate Jose Morales, the founder of Press4ward. We discuss police brutality, the prison systems, the black lives matter movement and so much more! Enjoy the interview!!


The cross of two worlds

Here is a private interview with the dedicated and intelligent Officer Bohannon. In this interview we discuss the complex relationship between being a police officer and a black man. We also take a deep dive into the history of police officers in the United States.


No justice, No peace!

Here is an interview with Aidrianne Sablett. He is a bright student at the University of Memphis and is a Black Lives Matter protester.  Enjoy the interview 


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Live Coverage Of Protest in Myrtle Beach 

Time Stamp: Protest May 31st, ,2020 12:30 pm Eastern Time

Live Coverage of Fort Lauderdale Protest 

Time Stamp: Protest May 31st, ,2020 3:33 pm Eastern Time 

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