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This page is specifically meant for children grades PreK-5th grades!
However, kids are free to access most content on the website and can utilize our free video requests and online tutoring.
Lastly, Videos meant for grades PreK-5th will only be put in the Kids Zone!!

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Be aParT Of tHe KiDs ZOnE

The young 
scholars Program 

Young Scholars Program (summer)

The program is made so that kids in Prek-5th can get ahead of the ball game, meaning they can get tutoring once or twice a week with circular made on Khan Academy designed to get them ahead for the next school year. This is a summer program and we only take applications in the summer program 

Young Scholar Program (school year) 

This program is designed for students to stay on top of the ball game during the school year! They can actively meet with a tutor every time you sign them up for a lesson. 

PBS Kids is a great resource!!

Visit the PBS kids website!

Go to PBS Kids

Lets Color 

Go color. 

I want to color 


Lets go to starfall 


Khan Academy

Build your Cirriculum 

Go to khan

KiD ZoNe

Learn some phonics 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Lets get Creative- Watvh this episode