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College Grind is currently not in service!

College Grind 

A college grind personal will help you through all the tools that are needed to make college applications as organized and easy as possible. If you are not going to college then we will help you vocational programs and employment. This program is intended for high school seniors, and juniors! 

Online Academic Tutoring 

Apply for online tutoring for grades Prek-12th grade. We have tutoring for courses up to IB and Cambridge Level Courses.!! Summer is here, therefore use this time to get ahead for classes next year and do SAT PREP!!!!!!

Here are some education services !!

* College Grind Get help with college applications and scholarships After signing up for any of our services a Creative Flow will contact you via text to schedule a meeting with you and ask other questions they may need to be answered to give the best service. Thank you!! We hope to hear from you soon! 

* Tutoring Get free online tutoring in subjects listed below 

Online Tutoring 

Here is a list of subjects you can get tutored in!

English: Grammar, Spelling Rules, Basic Reading Development, IB literature, SAT Practice, AP language, Reading vocab Review, high school, middle school, and elementary school English, etc...

History: World History (AP), US History (AP), US Government (AP), Human Geography/ Geography(AP)(IB), high school, middle school, and elementary school, etc... Science: Psychology (AP), Biology (AP)(IB), Physical Science, Chemistry (AP)(IB), high school, middle school, and elementary school, etc...

Math: Algebra 1/2, Geometry, Pre-calc, Ap Stats, Liberal Arts Math, MicroEconmics (AP), Macroeconomics (AP), SAT math, high school, middle school, and elementary school, etc...

Other Subjects: Study Buddy, a Resource Guide, Essay help, Subject test assistance    


A scholarship a day keeps the dept away

High School Scholarships (Seniors)

These scholarships are specific to high school seniors.


Undergrad Scholarships

Undergrad Scholarships that illegal immigrants can apply to


Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships


What is College Grind exactly? Here is a quick video!

College Grind is intended for those applying for their freshman year of college! We want to help you every step of the way! Watch this quick video! Please note college Grind is first come first serve and we only accept 20 students for free. Anyone after will have to pay an affordable fee based on need and household income. 

College Grind: Letters of recommendation +

Even though this is for medical school pay attention, and make sure to take NOTES!!

Fasfa Self Help

Apply to fasfa!

Admission tips 


Here are some podcasts that can guide you through the admissions process. This podcast can be accessed on any platform that provides podcasts for example apple podcast, Spotify, Google Play podcast etc...

Inside the Yale Admissions Office 

Yale does a deep dive into how the Admissions officer reviews your application!


College Admissions Decoded 

Dive into college admissions myths and learn more about the admissions process. 



"Although I am already adept at writing, Creative Flow was still a beneficial opportunity for me since it provided a great review of the foundations of reading and writing and allowed me to focus on my own weaknesses. " 

Mai Dinh 

Your service was very helpful by helping me practice for my AP exams and SAT's, while also giving me the extra help I needed with my math class. Thank you so much!


College Grind Advice + tips + Stats

 Top Schools Editions Make sure to apply to College Grind and use any of our Free Resources

University of Chicago

"Omg yeah, so I come from a high school where not a lot of people go to high ranking schools, so we tend to be overlooked by lots of admissions staff. Because of this, I knew that I needed to stand out as one of the best students from my high school. I had straight A’s, took all honors classes, played two varsity sports, was involved in about 4 clubs, and held leadership positions in all of them, and I had a 31 on the ACT(equivalent to about 1410 on the SAT). Now with these stats, I am not sure how other applicants compared, but I think what made me stick out was my essays. I think being honest about my struggles in life and truly showing that I understood how these hardships made me a better person (not just saying I was better because I went through a lot) helped me stand out among highly scholarly applicants. However, I did not receive any feedback on my application after the national match so I can never be sure as to why I became a finalist and eventually a QB Scholar."  


Brown University 

 "basically I got a 32 on the act (33 super score), and a 1370 (1390 super score) on Sat. I’m a national merit finalist (1410 on psat) and an IB diploma candidate, and I’ve taken AP Euro and APUSH both of which I got a 5 on. I work with my community and with my local YWCA, where I organized a walk against domestic violence (2 years). I play varsity tennis (3yrs) and did show choir (3yrs). I was a two-term fbla state officer and 4 terms local officer. this year I served on the fbla national presidents council as well. it's my school's valedictorian." 


Yale University 

"SAT: 1480 (720 English and 760 Math) I didn’t bother raising my score because it was in the range for most of schools but always aim for the highest score possible. SAT II Chem: 730 but I don’t think Yale will look at them for the next admission cycle so I wouldn’t bother taking any. Tips: START EARLY!!! Have multiple people read your essays. Show personality + passion. Don’t stress too much because admissions is a crapshoot but always hope for the best! Tbh I did not expect to get in."


Here are some files that might help you out!

College Essays and scholarship Organizer

If you are feeling overwhelmed in this process feel free to use our free online template that will help you get organized. If you need help with essay writing, and recommendations then please sign up for College Grind to send an email with your questions. Please make a copy and add to your own personal google docs. DO NOT WRITE ON THIS DOC!! 



Video Request 

All educational video request will be shown here! Scroll down for online Library 

If you choose to request a video it will be down below all the content shown below are video request, and they are open to all who use Creative Flow!


How to write a IB BIO IA

IB Math IA Ideas AA, AL

Chemistry/ Physics IA 

Derivatives / Crash Course 

Math Resource #1 


Derivatives /  Ap Calc 

Math Resource #2


Video Request: Ap Lang series 1-8: How to do a rhetorical Analysis (RA) 

Our series goes through all parts of the rhetorical analysis essay, as well as, updates concerning Covid-19. We encourage that after you have watched the entire series to press the link and send in your conclusion, or questions, and feedback that relates to the Rhetorical Analysis series. Enjoy the series!!

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RA practice 

Here is a practice Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Madeleine Albright

 Start Practice!


Ep. 1















Video Request- SAT Reading Passage 

Press the link below to ask questions and give feedback!

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Practice Questions

The link has more practice SAT reading passage questions!

Reading Passages









SAT Gramar Rules (GR)

Here is a review of the top 10 grammar rules. Watch both videos and feel free to ask questions and give feedback in the link below!

Read more


Here is some online practice! Press the link below!






Video Request- Trig Identities and Unit Circle 

Feel Free to ask questions and give feedback!

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Try some Practice Problems 

Let us see what you have learned!


Derivatives and trig functions 

Request a library book.


Welcome to our Online Library! Please Enjoy!


Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 


The Fault in Our Stars 

Author: John Green 



Author: Art Spiegelman 


The Hate you give

Author: Angie Thomas 



Author: Tony Morrison 


The Giver 

Author: Lois Lowry