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Check out the available volunteering opportunities for the Creative Works department, tutoring department, and social media, and wellness department. * You must be 14 years old to be considered for a tutoring position. Disclaimer: Once you turn in an application you may not submit another one. If there are any issues please contact us!! We wish you luck!! Press on the link to apply, and volunteer.

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Creative Flow provides help to students of all ages. Therefore, your donation would mean the world to us !

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The Founder 


Sapphire Hall 

Founder/ CEO

Sapphire hall is the CEO of Creative Flow. She began the organization when she was 13 years old, and at 14 she offered her services to the public. Sapphires' goal in creating this organization is to prioritize creativity and education along with access to it. As the organization grows she adapts to other needs of current students and future students and has added wellness, news/politics, and more. The operation mostly runs on donations and volunteers. Sapphire has worked with many amazing nonprofit owners, professors, and authors which include Adriane Sheffield, Isaac Bailey, Tracey Bailey, Rhonda Harper, and many others. She has also taken online courses in child development, and mental health. Outside of Creative Flow Sapphire Hall is a vibrant young lady who enjoys cooking, surfing, teaching herself instruments, activism, and writing. She also enjoys planting and herbal treatments/ medicine. 


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