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About: We are an international youth organization that helps to improve student writing abilities as well as expand on a student’s command of grammar and English conventions, improving the capacities of even the brightest of students. Our goal is to educate students through creativity and experiences. We are dedicated to helping youth develop their academic performance, leadership skills, and creative flow. 

Creative Flow

Creative Flow


"A scholarship a day keeps the debt away."

High School 

Important Dates / Anouncements 

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February 1, 2021

Arts and Writing Comp. begin


April 1, 2021

Arts and Writing Comp. ends 


February 5, 2021

Mental Health Support group

World wide 

Remember there is still a virus out there! 

Covid 19

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Free online tutoring and free video requests!

Creative Flow wants to ensure that all students get the help they need in order to succeed during this epidemic and long after it is over. We are offering free online tutoring and video request service. Students should be able to do great with all the resources at their fingertips. No matter if the student is in elementary, middle, or high school. We want them to use the resources this program provides. So sign up now!!

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We want to see your child succeed. Creative flow is offering free tutoring and video request due to the epidemic. All you have to do is join the community, and press on the link to sign up!! 

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Workshop 2018

Workshop 2018

Workshop 2018

Workshop 2019

Workshop 2018

Workshop 2019

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